“Top Pony” Natural Ponies Supplements
For Light Performance Ponies

Light Activity - english pleasure, western pleasure, equitation, hack, daily walking, dressage, trail riding, hunter under saddle, plantation pleasure, light schooling and occasional competition on weekends, dressage driving, pleasure driving, carriage driving

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Top Pony 1st Order
For Light performance ponies
Vapor Lock Package
Patent # 5,207,345

larger view of environmentally friendly carier

Top Pony Refill
For Light performance ponies
Environmentally Friendly Carrier
 refill bag inside
(place refill bag into bucket)




  • Product Details

    top-down-bucket250X257-smallTop Pony
    light work

    A "Complete Supplement" that's Natural, Organic, FRESH & cultivated precisely for this time in your Pony’s life with an ALL-In-1 nutritional supplement.

    Feed the Right nutrients in the Right ratios at the Right time.

    Ingredients: celery seed, dandelion root, garlic, Siberian ginseng, kelp, alfalfa, flaxseed, malic acid, grape seed, meadowsweet, milk thistle, nettle, cleaver


    Supplement weight: 2.23 lbs             Dose: 33.81 g / 1.19 oz.           Supply: 30 days

    Made specifically for working ponies in light work. NOT intense or moderate.

    Ponies are SMALLER, easily stressed & different then their big & little brothers & sisters, & they need the right nutrition. (ingredients/portions change for each milestone/life changing event) CAUTION includes ALFALFA NOT FOR MINIS

    You need to be sensitive to feeding the Right nutrients in the Right ratios at the Right time to keep them healthy.

    MAJOR HEALTH RISK - Ponies are prone to Hepatic Lipidosis. (Leads to fatty liver disease.)
    It usually happens due to extreme stress. A common cause is attributed to stress induced competition or work.

    Solution: Stabilize blood sugar & reduce the fat in their blood & help protect their ENTIRE body using good nutrition.

    We designed TOP PONY to offer "COMPLETE" nutrition using natural organic plant based ingredients found in your pony’s natural diet for complete All - In - One Nutrition.

    All - In - One means... reduce muscle spasms, cramps, & inflammation, reduce deterioration of cartilage & joint tissue & inflammation. Plus healthy digestion, helps absorb & utilize nutrients, support & maintain healthy & effective gut health & function plus a hormone balancer + additional complimentary supplements for overall health & wellness.

    Its COMPLETE nutrition that helps improve & maintain your performance Pony’s WHOLE body. It's the perfect pasture in a pail.

    Encourage your Pony’s GOOD HEALTH NATURALLY with specific holistic (whole body) equine nutrition.

    It's the Perfect Pasture In a Pail.

    Your Pony will love you for it.


  • $ Back Guarantee

    GuaranteeSignOrange86px-SHADOWI now a big concern is...

     “What happens if you need to return your supplements for some reason”?

    We get that and to make you feel more comfortable that you can trust us to stand behind our products.

    Here’s what we do ... If you’re not satisfied with your purchase we have a bottom of the bucket guarantee.

    If you and your horse are not completely delighted with the supplements simply return the supplement with in 60 days of delivery, even if the buckets are empty for a refund of the purchase price less shipping and handling.

    Please drop me a note or call the office at 1-800-881-9304 and we’ll make it right for you.

    Or we also offer samples that you can try out to see if your horse likes what we do :)

    You can learn more about how to get a free sample here.
    So no worries... If you’re not happy (or your horse isn’t either) we aren’t happy.

    Remember horse moms have to stick together.

    If you have any questions, remember... just drop me a note.


  • Packaging Promise

    Our packaging is designed to be safe for you, safe for your horse & safe for future horses & horse moms. You can read and  see our green packaging promise.

    As we continue to lead the horse industry in the use of environmentally safer recyclable materials we have designed a unique ”1st Order” and “Reorder” packaging process.

    Our container will keep your supplements fresh, potent, safe & chemically free.

    himmilayasThe rigid containers have been on several expeditions to the Himalayas.

    They are used for a number of applications from hauling gear on the backs of yaks, to safely storing high tech electronics equipment.

    Now they’re being used to keep your horses natural supplements safe & fresh.

    For reorders (refills) you can choose to have your reorder shipped (priority air at no charge) in one of our environmentally safe (we are testing starch based NOT plastic) bags so you can continue to use the original pail and do your part in helping the environment. (reusable carry bag to)

    And I can’t forget our 1st choice of paper... it’s “seeded” renewable paper that has seeds of actual flowers right in the paper. That means our paper is not only biodegradable but our “trash” grows into flowers.

    Please join us in finding ways to go green and help the environment.

  • 1st Order

    Here’s just how safe, fresh and potent your supplement will stay thanks to the powerful vacuum seal.

    pony_bucket-SMALLThe patented airtight lid works so well that when we travel with our empty sample on a trip to a higher elevation the container will “bloat” because the air inside of the container is heavier.

    The opposite is true if you open the empty container after descend to a lower elevation the container will “suck in” and the lid will be difficult to remove.

    Learn more about our strong, safe and environmentally friendly packaging.

    There’s even a video that explains how and why the vacuum seal works.

    Reordering your natural supplement?

    Choose to get your order in a “soft refill pouch”

    (we ship your product priority at NO Charge and at a reduced supplement cost) or you can choose to pay the more expensive 1st time customer fee and get your supplement in our hard vapor seal bucket.

    We recommend the Soft Refill Pouch
    It’s less expensive, shipping is FREE & its environmentally a good thing ;0)

    Check it out under the Reorder tab.

  • Reorder

    Reordering your natural supplement?

    BBAGHM-small115x192-current1st thing... Thank you! We appreciate your business.

    2nd thing...  The Soft Refill Pouch is less expensive, (priority) shipping is FREE & its environmentally a good thing for everyone ;o)

    Here’s how it works;

    Your order comes in a “soft refill pouch”
    (currently we are testing a biodegradable starch based bag that locks tight)

    Your refill pouch is gently placed into a reusable “carry bag” and then bundled up safely into a shipping container & whisked to your door via Priority US Mail. (ships priority at NO Charge & a reduced item cost)

    We pass the savings on to you...

    So it costs less, you’ll get a great “Horse Moms” carry bag & it’s all good for the environment.

    We recommend the Soft Refill Pouch.

    If you’d like to learn more about our strong, safe and environmentally friendly packaging have a look.




All - In - One
Organic & Natural
Complete supplements for
whole horse support

Light Performance


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     payment information.

4.) Your payment will be processed
     by a secure server.

5.) Your order will be done.

6.) You’ll be transferred back to

7.) We’ll get started  on your order
     here in the office.

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list_bullet Our Guarantee

For any client support related issues or questions just drop us a note.







This certification covers
 several herbs

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